Welcome to my new website!

The new domain and the previous domain

I recently got a new domain stdiff.net, and I have just moved from the previous domain.

Before I went on a trip (to Lake Constance), I received an email which told me that the ISP managing my previous domain was going to be close. Therefore I needed to hurry to construct the new website.

What I'd like to inform you about

  1. Check my new email address and do not use the old one any more. My previous domain is going to be invalid soon.
  2. I write an entry related to Mathematics on this "Mathematics Blog" (only in English).
  3. I write an entry of other topics (including education) on "Private Anecdotes" (only in German).
  4. Some of the entries which I posted on tumblr will be posted on Private Anecdotes. (The recent entries have already been posted.)
  5. Feel free to leave your comments! (Click the title of an entry to find the comment form.)

What's going to happen on this site

Instead of putting files of the previous website here, I am making a completely new website (even though there is no big change of contents). Therefore it takes some time to get this website done. Because I finished minimal functions, I have made them public.

Some functions which could be found on my previous website are missing here. In particular the arXiv checker, which is very important for me. I am thinking of making it completely new. As I wrote at the entrance page, I am interested in recommender system. In fact, a very simple recommender system has been implemented on the arXiv checker. I will improve it.

So far I have planed to implement the following functions.

  • RSS reader with recommender system (including a new arXiv checker).
  • Some functions for this blog: trackback, search, MathJax (or KaTeX) etc.
  • Photo gallery.

What has already been implemented on this site.

If you have used bootstrap once, you might immediately find that it is used here, as well. This is because I want this website to be "smart phone friendly" (although this website is far from perfect). I learned bootstrap with Blasting Off with Bootstrap. This is a very good introduction with helpful videos.

This website is constructed with perl. I wanted to use Mojolicious, but the new ISP does not allow me to use it, so I am writing CGI scripts in an traditional way. This does not mean that I use CGI.pm. Template Toolkit is used instead. (But CGI.pm is used only for getting POST query.)

There is an important decision which you can never find: I use Markdown to write texts and avoid bare HTML tags as possible as I can. For example, this page is produced from a Markdown text by converting it into HTML through Text::Markdown. I hope that this help me boost updates on the website.

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