Welcome to my brand new website!

I have completely renewed my website. This is the first time in two years. I still need to write some scripts, but the basic part has already been finished.

There is no big difference of contents (including blog entries). But some links within this site are broken because of the change of the site structure.

A secure connection is finally available!

I never thought that I can use HTTPS for my website. Because the ISP has started to provide an SSL-certificate free, I have immediately decided to use it. So now every connection to this website can be secure. If you are accessing this site without HTTPS, please try to modify the URL in the URL box of your browser or click https://stdiff.net/.

Where is the recommendation system?

I stopped to use it because of several reasons. I have an idea for a new recommendation system, but I have not started to make it yet. I do not have any fixed plan, but I want to make it in a few years. Until then blog entries are the main contents of this website.

Some technical things

Of course all web pages of this website are written in Perl. I confirmed that it is possible to install mojolicious, which is a web framework written in Perl, but it works only in a CGI mode. That is not bad, but I feel that it is too big for my website. (Just a blog and several documents.) Template and Text::Markdown are enough to make this website. I did not exactly count, but I wrote less than 1000 lines.

For responsive web design I employ Pure. This is tiny, moreover we do not need any JavaScript. I use JavaScript only for Prism, a syntax highlighter, and KaTeX, mathematics typesetting.

I do not forget to say that the social media icons I use can be found at dreamstale.


Your feedback is always welcome. A link to my twitter account can be found at the bottom of this (or every) page.

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